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About Us

The Just Love Project was founded by Kerrisha Gopichand and Bhashni Nana, who believe that LOVE and purposeful living does indeed heal everyone and everything irrespective of the part of your life that you would like healed or improved upon.

As Personal Development & Life Mastery Coaches, our vision is to make a conscious and purposeful contribution to the lives of others. We are internationally certified and licensed Louise Hay Heal Your Life Practitioners and Workshop Facilitators, who are also registered with COMENSA (Coaches & Mentors of SA).

We empower and allow you to experience transformational changes by teaching, motivating and inspiring you with skills, techniques and tools to help you live your best life.

We offer workshops and retreats including meditation and yoga which are designed in a holistic way to help you heal past pain and move you into a prosperous and joyful future. Our purpose is always focused in helping you discover your inner power for personal growth and self-healing. Join us on this fabulous journey!

Our Team

Kerrisha Gopichand has a strong business and financial background and completed courses in psychology and sociology. She is a Professional Life Coach, an internationally certified Louise Hay Heal Your Life Coach & Mentor, Teacher, Practitioner and Workshop Facilitator, a NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Inspirational Speaker and Writer who believes in conscious and purposeful living.

Kerrisha is also a Heal Your Life Business Leader that offers the Managing With Heart & Mind program to companies and emerging leaders in Africa and a Leadership & Performance Management Coach who is passionate about personal leadership and development and helps individuals and companies define and achieve their ultimate and most inspiring visions through leadership with purpose. Kerrisha offers you a safe space to holistically embrace, empower and emerge to the highest vision of yourself and shows you that through self-realization and conscious choices, you can achieve whatever goals that you set for yourself in all aspects of your life or business.

Bhashni Nana is a professional educator (teacher) and a Personal Development Life Coach. She is also a NLP Practitioner, Heal Your Life Workshop Facilitator and Motivational Speaker.

Bhashni believes that we are all divine, magnificent expressions of life. Each one of us creates our experiences by our thoughts and feelings. What we think about ourselves becomes the truth for us. Your thoughts create your reality.

She has been deeply inspired by Louise Hay’s philosophy and her purpose is to lead you on a journey of self-discovery, mastering your emotions, connect with your body and mind.  She will help you discover the power that lies within you, assist you in shedding your limiting beliefs and finding your North Star.

Bhashni is committed and dedicated to helping you transform and achieve your goals and live your best life. Her vision and passion encompasses empowering you with self-awareness to develop your inner wellness that will influence your overall health and bring you a sense of clarity and wellbeing to body, mind and spirit.

If you are serious about self-development and you want to propel your growth and live your best life, then know that you have been guided to the right place and at the right time. Bhashni believes in changing lives one thought at a time.